Cool grilling tools could make you a backyard hero

(NC)-A number of nifty new grilling accessories are sure to attract the attention of outdoor chefs of every experience level. Why not impress the grill master in your life by giving them one or all of the following cool grilling tools as a gift for any occasion?


Weber suggests:


Tongs remain an indispensabletool and the one item cited as being both owned (86%) and most used (70%) by Canadian grillers. Outdoor chefs also own a basting brush (79%), a grill fork (73%), a wire grill brush (71%), and a turner/spatula (64%).


The Ebelskiver: This European-inspired grilling tool creates traditional Danish pancakes in a perfect sphere shape. Also idea for making individual pizza puffs or turkey/chicken/beef pot pies.

With hamburgers remaining the food item most often grilled, Weber has developed three new accessories for this devoted audience:


Weber Burger Press: Designed to create the perfectly formed burger patty, this press makes a dimple in the middle of the burger for even cooking from centre to edge.


Weber Slider Press: Form two perfectly shaped sliders at the same time with this press that makes a dimple in the middle of the burger for even cooking throughout.


Weber Meatball/Slider Rack: This stainless steel two-sided rack holds up to 15 meatballs or eight sliders. It allows for even cooking and a one-flip approach to grilling several small burgers or meatballs at once.


Cast iron Griddle: When you need a flat surface, you need a cast iron griddle. It’s the perfect accessory for grilling food, from pancakes to scallops, without mess or fuss.


Potato Nails: A sure hit for baked potato lovers, these stainless steel nails allow for quick, even cooking of potatoes.


Portable Table: The perfect gift for tailgaters and campers, this portable table goes up quickly and stores flat.


Grilling tips and recipes can be found online at

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