Forget the remote, smartphone, and iPad apps gain territory in homes across Canada

(NC) – Whoever thought the household sanctity of the remote control could be threatened? Well, it has been of late, as have other common home systems and devices. Smartphone and tablet apps may have started out as fun accessories just a few years ago, but thanks to modern technology and innovations, they have now expanded and evolved to make our homes look good and work smart.

Here are some must-haves, according to both savvy consumers and the most discerning media alike. Let’s start with one that helps to keep you polished and organized, the first step for anyone running the show at home.

Key Ring

If you’re not organized, chances are your home won’t be either. How about that collection of loyalty membership cards that crowd our key chains and wear holes in our wallets? De-clutter by going paperless and adding your current cards to Key Ring, an app that allows you to easily keep your membership cards in one place, accessible with the push of a button. Use it to scan and store your existing loyalty cards, enroll in new loyalty programs and access exclusive coupons and discounts. Key Ring also allows users to share their cards with friends and family members. Go to the iTunes store for a free download.

Platinum App

For most people, the hardest part of waking up is taking those first steps out of bed. The new Hunter Douglas Platinum App, however, can make your mornings brighter. Use the free app to automatically raise your window shades so you can greet the morning sun each day without so much as lifting a finger. Just in time for hockey season, it also allows you to pre-program your window treatments to tilt to an exact position to keep out the sun’s glare for the Sunday afternoon game. You can move all the window coverings in your home or room at the same time, or one at a time, in real time to achieve the ambient effect you desire. Or, use the timer feature to schedule a “scene” for later. And, during family getaways, the app helps keep your belongings safe with pre-programmed shade movements that suggest you are at home. Learn more about enjoying precise control of your Hunter Douglas battery-powered window treatments as never before by visiting

iHandy Level

Filling the walls of your home with photographs and art is a tasteful way to personalize the space and make guests feel at home. Choosing the right piece of art or picture frame can be a daunting task. There is nothing more dreaded, however, than a crooked wall hanging. To avoid this décor faux-pas, download, iHandy Level, which helps to properly align wall hangings and will also take various measurements without overcrowding your toolbox. Start your virtual toolbox for free by going to the iTunes store.


Phillips has created a wireless LED home lighting system called Hue. Hue, with its namesake app, allows users to control the smartest light bulbs in the world. The free app is also equipped to name and save specific room settings. LED Hue bulbs can also recreate any colour in the spectrum on demand. Visit the iTunes store.

If you let these apps gain territory in your home, you won’t be disappointed.

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Courtesy of Newscanada

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