Weatherproof windows and doors to keep winter drafts out

As fall approaches, we can expect temperatures to drop as old man winter prepares for his return. As homeowners get their houses ready for the frigid weather, it’s important not to overlook two main areas where cold air can seep into your home: windows and doors. Use the following tips to ensure your entrances and exits are properly weatherproofed this cold weather season.

Accessorize – and Prevent Cold Air Leaks

Add some flair – and block out the winter chill – with curtains. Hang (and close) drapes in a heavy fabric to help prevent cold air from seeping in through your windows. For doors, a fabric-covered bottom that slides between the door and the threshold will prevent the frosty air from entering your home. Retailers often suggest the Duck brand Double Draft Seal since it’s easy to install and provides two layers of protection against drafts.

Use Seals to Combat the Chill

When you close and lock your windows and doors, there’s often a crack between the top and sides and the frame or threshold. Opt for seals to place along the inside perimeter of your windows and doors to prevent drafts from entering. For the easiest installation, choose seals that are self-adhesive. Popular options for this are the Duck brand Heavy-Duty Weatherstrip Seals, made of durable EPDM rubber, or Self-Adhesive Foam Seals. Both are good choices for blocking drafts and they won’t freeze or crack in low temperatures.

Add Film to Block the Frost

Since windows can be found in almost every room, it’s worth giving them some extra attention. Use a clear film to create another layer of insulation on your windows. Simply tape a product like Shrink Film Window Kits (also from Duck brand) to the window edges and then give the film a once-over with a hair dryer to seal the plastic and make it tight. For even easier set up, use the Roll-On Window Kits. They come with a pre-taped edge for the simplest install.

Stop Drafts with a Storm Door

For an added barrier between the inside of your home and the winter weather, make sure you have a storm door installed. This extra amenity will provide an additional level of protection from the frigid temperatures of the cold weather season, allowing you to keep your thermostat – and your heating bill – low.

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